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The freshness coming from the ocean

DAKAR POISSON is a fishing, armament and distribution company for fishery products. We aim to provide the best qualities of fish and other seafood.
We are at mole 10 Quai de Pêche in Dakar where we have our offices and cold rooms, but also in Dieuppeul 2 where we have a shop for local sales, and in Mballing where the DAKAR POISSON factory is located.

Our commitments

We are engaged in our communities and try to recruit as much as possible from the local populations, so this helps to reduce the unemployment rate in the localities where we are present and also encourage these to put their children in school so that the younger generations benefit from the education that their parents did not necessarily have. Recruiting among these populations also increases their purchasing power, and therefore allows other small ancillary activities to develop, thereby reducing the eventualities of rural exodus which are otherwise easily considered.

Our mission

We want to be responsible in our attitude and therefore respect the established standards regarding fishing areas, species and authorized fishing periods.

Our goals

Respectful of nature

Our goals start with having a positive impact on our environment / direct and

Positive impact

To bring happiness to all levels of the society of which we are a part,
employees, from salespeople to customers.

Team spirit

Help them brighten up their lives by taking them as partners because we think we do
all part of the same team, victory is always better when you do it "together"!

Our ambition

We start with a national impact in the hope that we can shine all over the world.
This is the reason why we want to develop our international activities by increasing our exports by 50% by 2025 for the European destination.
Our facilities
Our export company uses the distribution channels of wholesalers and shops. He
helps channel and centralize our customers. We then know who we are dealing with and they
can come back to us directly for any information request.


Our environmental awareness begins with the establishment of the plant in an area
industrial where all sanitary standards are met in terms of production and
waste disposal and also includes observing all rest periods
organic. Our awareness of climate change and the preservation of our
natural resources is at the forefront of our concerns.


Our social responsibility policy includes the involvement of local populations as
workers. This helps to increase the purchasing power of the community, to reduce the level of
poverty and encourage them to work hard to achieve a common goal, as they
feel concerned about the prosperity of the company. We all dream together and dream more

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